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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Transform your approach to cybersecurity with MDR - a dynamic, real-time solution focusing on the rapid identification and response to cyber threats.

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Enhanced Operational Clarity

We connect your hybrid cloud operations and extract more value from your existing on-premise and cloud security infrastructure while working with your existing technology stack to learn and profile assets.

24x7 Monitoring, Threat Hunting & Disruption

Our team is your shield, proactively hunting and neutralizing threats day and night, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Advanced Threats

Cutting-edge use of machine learning and artificial intelligence backed by our seasoned data security experts enables a real-time defense against emerging threats.

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Managed Investigations

Our automated threat containment systems stand at the forefront, meticulously investigating any suspicious activity.

Log Retention and Search

Our log retention and search capabilities streamline your log management, making it effortless to conduct thorough investigations whenever necessary.

Incident Response

Orchestrated response precisely coordinated to mitigate and resolve any security incidents with minimal impact on your operations.

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Remain Secure

Our commitment to your security is round-the-clock. Benefit from dedicated platform support, a personal Customer Success Manager, and a seamlessly managed on-boarding process for your data, ensuring you remain secure at every step.

Uncompromising Cybersecurity Made Simple

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