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We Defend, Secure & Succeed. Your Shield Against Digital Threats.

Protecting What Matters Most.

Our Services

Our integrations harmonize data from multiple sources, delivering a comprehensive security landscape view.

The Selstan Platform

Provides increased transparency to ensure your security posture 
is always ready for a rapid response.

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Why Selstan

Uncompromising Cybersecurity Made Simple

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Powerful AI and Machine Learning:

We analyze data from your devices and networks, learning over time to better protect against threats and unusual activities.

Coordinated Security - MDR Icon.png

Automation and Orchestration:

When a threat is spotted, our platform automatically takes action blocking / isolating the threat. 

Orchestration ensures these actions work together, improving incident management efficiency

Seamless Integrations - MDR Icon.png

Flexible Integration Capabilities:

Selstan's platform excels through seamless integration with security and IT tools like SIEM, EDR, firewalls, and cloud security platforms.

How We Simplify Your Life

At the core of our mission is a simple promise – to fortify your organization's data with unmatched security. Why? So you can zero in on what you do best, your core business, with absolute confidence.

Managed Security


Tap into our expertise and strengthen your security posture.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Enhance the ability to detect, monitor, and respond to threats.

Consulting and Professional Services

Work with us on everything from security strategy to digital forensics.

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